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Rx: T3’s for Healthcare
(prescriptions for the Canadian healthcare system)

Welcome to the T3 Blog where ideas to improve healthcare will be presented and hopefully lead to robust discussion and dialogue. The topics to be covered will include anything that will benefit from finding itself in the light of day – topics that are important but often are neglected in terms of public exposure.

Initially the topics will appear every two to four weeks, by invitation and will be curated. Feedback will be welcomed!

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Rx: T3’s for Healthcare

Rx: T3’s for Healthcare This blog is intended to be a safe space for the exploration of important ideas and questions related to the healthcare system in Canada. The title (Rx:T3’s for Healthcare) refers to prescriptions that will help us to discover ways to improve the present situation. T3 refers to the concept that it is Truth Telling Time, [...]

March 15th, 2019|Comments Off on Rx: T3’s for Healthcare
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