Interesting and Useful Links

Safety Differently is an expanded or extended blog where a variety of innovative and challenging views about how we think about safety are shared. The posts cover the gamut in terms of industries where safety critical thinking is crucial.

This is the home of the Resilient Health Care Network (RHCN) and offers extensive information about the activities of the group, including upcoming meetings. Basic writings about the concepts that are central to understanding organizational resilience are available (for instance a White Paper on Safety I and Safety II). The presentations at the preceding seven meetings of RHCN are archived.

The website is titled Safety with Dignity and embodies the broad humanistic philosophical approach that reflects the thinking of this giant in the field of safety. It provides links to a documentary that Sidney produced (Safety Differently – which is distinct from the website of the same name) as well as a link to the excellent short courses that appear on YouTube on the topic of Just Culture.

This website is chock full of innovative approaches and leading edge methods and is the “brainchild” of Erik Hollnagel, one of the leaders of the international movement that is re-envisioning how we think about safety in a wide variety of settings. It includes practical information about upcoming Safety II workshops as well as links to the White Paper on Safety I and Safety II. It also provide links to specific methods such as FRAM, the Functional Resonance Analysis Method and the RAG, Resilience Assessment Grid, and RPET, the Resilience Performance Enhancement Toolkit.