Medico-Legal Expertise

Medico-Legal Expert Opinions

With more than 35 years in healthcare risk management plus 30 years of experience in medico-legal case management I have developed a broad understanding of physician and hospital liability issues.

As well, more than 45 years of direct clinical experience in a wide variety of settings (hospitals and free standing clinics) and practices (emergency physician, primary care/family physician as well as locum physician) allow me to provide comprehensive expert opinions with respect to the standard of clinical care.

Case Reviews and Consultations

I offer comprehensive reviews of care from both a patient safety and liability perspective. There are many reasons why individuals or organizations are interested in having an assessment about how care is provided, even when there are no liability concerns or litigation clouds on the horizon.

System Navigation for Patients and Families

I know how frustrating it can be to obtain answers to simple questions or to gain access to records about you or a loved one. It should not be so difficult to get answers to your questions, such as

• How can I obtain a copy of my records?
• Who can obtain the records of another family member?
• How can I obtain the names of staff that provided care?
• Can Privacy legislation prevent us from knowing things about our care?

When time permits, I can help you navigate the system and answer the many reasonable questions you have, especially when care has led to unexpected results.

Contact us to explore how best we can help you on these questions