Training and Coaching

Training Options

I will work with you to design educational programs that help your organization build the capacity to improve safety and engage in conflict. Integrating systems thinking with relational intelligence creates a platform for addressing complex issues and team dynamics. Existing programs include…

  • Conflict Engagement for Health Professionals: This hands-on experiential learning program to help healthcare professionals recognize and apply effective approaches to address conflict and solidify inter-professional collaboration.

  • The Resolving Conflict in Healthcare (RCIHC): workshop is a two or three day workshop that provides methods and skills to engage staff and patients in the resolution of conflict. This improves collaboration in the healthcare team and promotes patient safety.

  • Systemic Nonlinear Analysis Protocol (SNAP): is an introduction to the principles of system safety analysis and organizational resilience. SNAP has been used to review more than 1500 critical incidents.

  • SPHERE Workshop: (Shifting the Paradigm in Healthcare Event Review and Evaluation) is a two day workshop that provides intensive training for safety investigators in the application of a systemic nonlinear analysis method.



Coaching is an effective way to transfer learning, apply skills, and develop deeper insights at both individual and organizational levels. I have experience coaching professional colleagues, students, healthcare leaders and other providers. Coaching can be effectively undertaken both in-person and virtually.

Team and group coaching requires a more direct involvement with both small work teams and larger project groups. All coaching is customized to the needs of the group and integrates the goals of the group with organizational objectives.

Contact us to explore training and coaching options consistent with your needs.